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    The Graffiti Project

    “Street Capture”

    graffiti as furniture

    We attached wooden boards to the walls of the streets, with the purpose of supplying a clean canvas for graffiti artists. We didn’t to say anything to anyone, as we were curious to see how it would evolve in the most ‘natural’ manner.

    It took several nights before we deemed the results to-be complete. Each morning we discovered something new. Sometimes the boards remained untouched, sometimes just a few penciled lines or letters were added; Until finally, layer by layer, a ‘whole’ work was created.

    This could have gone on forever, with the results changing with every layer; Yet once we felt enough of a connection and satisfaction with the existing works, we removed the boards, and gave the work our own interpretation by turning it from 2 dimension to 3 dimension, from a piece of graffiti to a useful piece of furniture, and from random night-time inspiration to a commemorated artistic time capsule.

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